Spybot S&D- v1.3 Beta 6 - safe?

  dagwoood 02:25 11 Apr 2004

I came across this site,

click here

and wandered whether anyone on this forum is using this s/w on xp pro. If so, is it stable or has it caused any problems? Does anyone have an idea of the time frame when this version will be available as a fully tested and stable product?

I like v1.2 and from the input of people on the above link the new version is even better but I am a little wary of trying this s/w and have it damage my system(no back up media!).

Any input appreciated, dagwoood.

  rawprawn 08:10 11 Apr 2004

Good question with sensible reservations, I too will be interested in any responses. I have downloaded, but not installed. At present I am running XP service pack 2 beta, and I don't want to confuse any issues that might arise.

  rawprawn 13:17 11 Apr 2004

Couldn't resist trying it but I'm afraid I will not be using it. I found three bugs that I can't live with. 1 It wiped out all my cookies despite having selected the ones I wanted to keep. 2 I tried to immunise and got the message 1335 already blocked an additional 193 possible, Please immunise. I did this 4 times with no better result and that was after udating everything online. 3 It creates a system restore point if you fix selected problems & this was left hanging twice.
On the plus side it found 4 bits of spyware that the original Spybot and Ad-aware did not find. I will wait for the definative version.

  Dave Bowman 13:39 11 Apr 2004

I tried the Beta for quite a while after it was first released, can't say I was over impressed. I sufferd some of the problems experienced by rawprawn.
I think its best to wait for a definitive version which hopefully will not be too long in coming.

  dagwoood 16:09 11 Apr 2004

Thank you for the input guys, I think I'll hang on for the official release when all the bugs are ironed out. Hope it's available soon.

Cheers, dagwoood.

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