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  tonyx1302 13:22 01 Sep 2004

Spybot has found a bug called 'SearchForlt' which it cannot delete. I have tried, McAfee, AVG, Spyblaster, AdAware etc but none can shift it.I keep deleting it in Spybot, rebooting and running Spybot again but its still there along with DSO Exploitx4!!

Google tells me that PestPatrol will delete it but I have to buy the full version of PestPatrol. Has anybody any ideas please on deleting without purchasing more AV.

Many thanks


  rawprawn 13:37 01 Sep 2004

click here Download and run this freeware in safe mode and turn system restore off before doing so. (Tap F8 on boot for safe mode.It's a bit slow but it's very thorough.

  bertiecharlie 13:38 01 Sep 2004


The SearchForIt item is a false alarm. Spybot is picking up the blocked item in SpywareBlaster. Run another scan and delete SearchForIt then open up SpywareBlaster and you will find you have one unprotected item ie. SearchForIt. Enable full protection and just wait for the next update from Spybot when it will probably be sorted out.

  techpro 13:47 01 Sep 2004

A suggestion I've seen is that going into [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility\{c109664b-ceb1-420b-b353-d55a561536dd}] and setting the "Compatibility Flags" dword value to 00000400 will make IE ignore it.

  bertiecharlie 13:57 01 Sep 2004


About the DSO Exploit, the following is from Spybot.

"The problem with the DSO Exploit is a little bug. We have already been
able to locate and fix it, but unfortunately it was not included with
the last update. It will hopefully be with the next one.
The DSO Exploit is a security gap in IE. Microsoft did already repair
this, so if you have all Windows updates and patches installed, it will
not be dangerous for your system.
Spybot S&D will still find it, because it contains an invalid value.
Spybot S&D just has to reset that value. Unfortunately, in the current
version, it sets again an incorrect value, so it is found in the next
scan. As explained before, we corrected this but have not commited the
update yet.

Best regards,
Your Team Spybot"

  tonyx1302 16:04 01 Sep 2004

I d/l rawpwawns suggested AV and it zapped it and have set value to figure as per techpro idea. Thanks also for your imput bertiecharlie its nice to know that should it re appear its nothing to worry about.

Thanks everyone. Its nice to know you lads are out there when someone needs a hand.


  rawprawn 17:54 01 Sep 2004

you are welcome, thanks for letting us know how the problem was resolved, it's useful for others.

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