spybot s&d

  karl1483 13:15 26 Nov 2003

is any body else have problems with spybot updates.when i go to update it says"error retrieving update file" and wont let me update.i have uninstalled and re-installed but it still says the same.any clues anyone

  jimv7 13:19 26 Nov 2003

Change the server to another, some have better downloads via usa or australia.

  karl1483 13:36 26 Nov 2003

when i go to change the mirror there is nothing there

  jimv7 13:40 26 Nov 2003

Search for updates first, the change the mirror.

  jimv7 13:40 26 Nov 2003


  karl1483 13:44 26 Nov 2003

that is what i have done but as soon as i go to the update page i get that message "error retrieving update file" be fore i even click on update

  johnnyrocker 13:47 26 Nov 2003

prob a soppy question but you are on line at the time of trying to get updates? my pest patrol kills my internet connection as soon as i search for updates then tells me i have no connection and i have to re connect this might be something similar


  karl1483 13:49 26 Nov 2003

definatley connected it has only just started doing it since last update

  MichelleC 15:47 26 Nov 2003

I had conflicts with Spybot and adaware. Spybot would be unable to update and sometimes control panel couldn't be accessed. Did a clean reinstall which fixed it for a while, then same thing happened so I just use adaware now.

  kevvyb 08:02 24 Dec 2003

...having used both Adaware and Spybot on XP Home before with no problems?..........

  kevvyb 08:30 24 Dec 2003

....this is still a problem for anyone..

I think the reason for this conflict was that Spybot likes to be installed first. Uninstalling both and reinstalling Spybot first gave no problems at all. Mirrors available.

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