Spybot S & D - Tea Timer

  Jackcoms 21:27 03 Mar 2005

Is there any particular advantage to activating the Tea Timer (overall system settings protection) or is it best to leave it unticked?

  JonnyTub 21:33 03 Mar 2005

i leave mine unticked if that's any consolation :0)

  Jackcoms 21:37 03 Mar 2005

Yes, I leave mine unticked but I'm hoping someone will tell me (or us) why it should be ticked and what the advantages (if any) are.

  Lionheart ? 21:39 03 Mar 2005

Found this.

Tea Timer is a new feature with this version of Spybot S & D. It is a resident component (meaning it runs in the background all the time your PC is running) and constantly monitors the processes of your system, looking out for the activity of malicious files and terminating them before they can do any damage. It also monitors for other applications wanting to make registry changes (as some spyware/adware does). A good idea on the whole, but you may find it becomes annoying as you will be asked to confirm every registry change when you install or update any program or perform Windows updates.

These options can be changed later.

  JonnyTub 21:40 03 Mar 2005

The Resident TeaTimer is a new tool of Spybot-S&D which perpetually monitors the processes called/initiated. It immediately detects known malicious processes wanting to start and terminates them giving you some options, how to deal with this process in the future: You can set TeaTimer to:

be informed, when the process tries to start again
automatically kill the process
or generally allow the process to run
There is also an option to delete the file associated with this process.

In addition, TeaTimer detects, when something wants to change some critical registry keys. TeaTimer can protect you against such changes again giving you an option: You can either "Allow" or "Deny" the change.

As TeaTimer is always running in the background, it takes some resources of about 5 MB.

  JonnyTub 21:40 03 Mar 2005

beat to it :-(

  shizzy 22:21 03 Mar 2005

I use TeaTimer and find it reassuring when it pops up when installing new software as I think it would do the same if any unwanted stuff tried to install.

  gudgulf 01:12 04 Mar 2005

Yes it does pop up when just about anything tries to install,wanted or unwanted......in fact it pops up so often that it can get annoying,so much so that I stopped using it ages ago.One of the problems with it is deciding if what it says wants to run is needed or not.A very good idea but you really need to know what you are looking at.

The Microsoft/Giant antispyware does a similar thing but in my opinion is much better implemented.

Try it though, you might like what it does and it certainly adds another layer of protection.

  Jackcoms 08:08 04 Mar 2005

Thanks for all you comments. Interesting to see that opinion is divided! ;-)

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 10:55 04 Mar 2005

I keep my TeaTimer on as I want to know when any registry changes are being attempted.

  VCR97 20:10 04 Mar 2005

Don't use the "Remember this decision" box with "Deny". It will deny that instance and then silently allow all further instances.

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