Spybot and the Ignore Products List

  bertiecharlie 19:55 21 Sep 2004

Opening Spybot and going to Settings/IgnoreProducts and looking down the All Products list, I found four items which have been checked. It would appear these have been checked by default to be ignored by Spybot.

The items are LSP.New.net, MySearch, New.net, and Sidestep. Information on MySearch click here

Does anyone know why Spybot shows these items and then ticks them to be ignored? Is it for legal reasons, perhaps, ie. putting the onus on the end user to untick the ignore box in case there is a breach of a license agreement?

  Dorsai 20:00 21 Sep 2004

My Spybot has nothing ignored. What happens if you 'un-ignore them'?

  bertiecharlie 20:19 21 Sep 2004

Hello, Dorsai.

Its a strange one. I assumed that these items were being ignored by default as I haven't ticked them to be ignored. As you suggest, I can always untick them but wondered why they were ticked in the first place.

  Dorsai 20:37 21 Sep 2004

I should say, that the ignore list is huge, but none are actually checked to be ignored. I can only sugget that if spybot can detect it, then you should get shot of it. IMHO.

  Dorsai 20:39 21 Sep 2004

I add, the default when i installed, was to ignore nothing, and remove all that could be detected.

  rômanab 20:48 21 Sep 2004

Same ones checked here too.

Have a look at this click here

and click here

  bertiecharlie 20:53 21 Sep 2004

Thanks, Dorsai.

Spybot isn't detecting these items as being found on my computer, it just has ticks to ignore them in the Ignore Products/All Products list. That's what I can't fathom out as I haven't ticked these items to be ignored.

As none of the items in your list are checked to be ignored, it cannot be a default setting so I'll have a ponder and maybe get onto Google to see if I can find anything.

Thanks for your help.

  Dorsai 20:59 21 Sep 2004

I double checked.

Yes i found 2 things ignored. Unchecked. rescanned. Still nothing detected. Just uncheck as recomended above, and re-scan. I suggest.

Sounds like a bug, but the DSo exploit is a known bug in spybot, so it's not perfect.

  shizzy 20:59 21 Sep 2004

Just checked mine and have the same ones ticked as you but have now unticked them. I have never ticked any as I have been using the easy mode.
I have now unticked them as Dorsai seems to think it will be ok.

  JonnyTub 21:05 21 Sep 2004

spybot faqs click here

  bertiecharlie 21:05 21 Sep 2004


Thanks very much for your links which explain what's going on. From your first link Spybot say, "These 4 entries are set to be ignored by default because these products are slowly losing their spyware status. We are considering to remove them from our database completely but want to wait and see how they develop first."

shizzy & dorsai, thanks also.

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