spybot etc

  Daiol 19:19 18 Jul 2007

Hi, i took my wife's laptop in for repair today to our local small firm pc engineer, and he made a statement that i had AVG antivirus & AVG spyware [free ones] i also had installed adaware 2007,spybot and ccleaner.What he told my wife today that she should not have adaware nor spybot nor ccleaner installed on her laptop the only thing she needed was an antivirus and a spyware only one of each he was dead against the three mentioned above,What would you experienced people have to say about that pridiciment?.thanks daiol.

  VoG II 19:20 18 Jul 2007

I would say that he doesn't know what he's talking about.

  RobCharles1981 19:21 18 Jul 2007

And me hes talking a load of Rubbish imho

  brundle 19:21 18 Jul 2007

All worthwhile products, his `advice` sounds more like personal opinion.

  Woolwell 19:22 18 Jul 2007

Agree with VoG™.

  Pine Man 19:23 18 Jul 2007

You can only have one anti-virus and one firewall BUT as many spyware programs as you like.

I have Windows Defender, Spybot & Spywareblaster all running happily alongside each other. What one misses hopefully the others will pick up!

  mfletch 19:25 18 Jul 2007

He;s a ****er Each of the free antispyware programs will detect different problems so if I was you I would keep them all {They are free} so why not use them,

I would also download SuperAntiSpyware as I think this is the best free Antispyware as yet! other people may have different opinions?


  skidzy 19:34 18 Jul 2007

Daiol if you see this man again or the wife does,tell him to visit us here at PCA and say the same things.

Now the responses would be great online entertainment :-)

Dont think i would recommend him to anyone !!!

  Daiol 19:48 18 Jul 2007

thankyou all for your prompt replies,my wife was flabergasted [if that is the way to spell it].We agree with you all entirelly,Thanks daiol & wife.

  sunny staines 20:20 18 Jul 2007

time to upgrade to some one that knows about computers for future repairs

  Daiol 09:19 23 Jul 2007

Hi. regarding the story on my wifes laptop and the pc engineer we had it back he removed the spybot and adaware progs and fitted & supplied an extra memory 256mb.Total cost was £68-00p what can one say about that guy?,Daiol.

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