spybot corrupted?

  johnnyrocker 15:30 18 Feb 2004

recently my pc had to have processor/ram replaced together with a reformat. i had the opportunity to save some data to another drive, i saved some security progs spybot being one of them, they were all transferred back after re format but i have a prob with spybot in tha it seems to work in reverse now, when i click on desktop it scans immediately and the comes up with what used to be the opening window allowing update checks etc, checking for updates is done in secs and says no updates, being suspicious and knowing there is vers 1.2 about i tried to uninstall via add remove progs and all it does is run a scan and will not be removed, went to the home page to try d/load new vers download manager says cant find hosts, tried direct at download.com page changes to download in progress and nothing happens, (not even the window asking if i want to save or run)
any ideas folks.


  johnnyrocker 15:36 18 Feb 2004

os xp pro sorry.


  JIM 18:04 18 Feb 2004

all right. But for now,

Have you the PCAdvisor cd = Complete cd tool kit?

Under the heading helpline.

You will find Spybot search 1.2 on there try to install.

Now! dont tell me you have not :)

  johnnyrocker 20:34 18 Feb 2004

i have found the pc housekeeping/troubleshooting disc and it's not on there. what annoys me though is that it cannot be uninstalled, will keep looking though;)


  JIM 21:10 18 Feb 2004

yes, can understand the frusration,but as you already know reinstall can put back files that may prevent you uninstalling in the first place.

Keep looking or get a upload via mail attach and try ;)


  johnnyrocker 21:13 18 Feb 2004

will do ;)


  johnnyrocker 21:14 18 Feb 2004

whar also seems strange is the bit about not being able to get it from their website or any mirrors.


  johnnyrocker 06:53 19 Feb 2004

or have i transferred a virus type thingy;)


  MichelleC 08:25 19 Feb 2004

Can you type in search and delete any spybot files which show? Then go into registry and delete spybot folder (if you haven't done reg editing be careful and b/up 1st). Spybot has a habit of going awol, and cleaning up after it takes a bit of digging. (I only use adaware now).

  johnnyrocker 08:57 19 Feb 2004

bit wary of the registry bit, any other possibilities?


  MichelleC 11:14 19 Feb 2004

Try using RegCleaner or similar click here and look for Spybot entry and delete.

If you have to go into registry it's HKEYS_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/(and name of SpyBot). You can backup reg 1st by exporting and revert if needs be.

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