Spybot, C2.lop & ZoneAlarm v5

  spanneress 05:24 01 Jul 2004

5 in the morning and I still have C2.lop whirring in my brain..(I am shaking my head in a *sad person* motion here!)

Anyway..3rd call out last night of same scenario. Customer ran spybot only for it to hang half way through at the C2.Lop reference...the app then refuses to close down, hard boot of machine required. This has happened on machines running XP Pro, Home & W2k. The only common factor I could determine was that they all ran the same AV / FW SW (as installed by me) and all had automatically upgraded Zonealarm from v4.59 to v5.

The 2 Xp machines happily let me uninstall ZA, do a few tweaky things then re-install the earlier version..Spybot then behaved. The W2K machine did not. All searches for the spyware proved fruitless on the W2k machine, and in frustration I uninstalled spybot and installed another free spyware app. This to me though was not a satisfactorary solution.

So...(pauses for breath)..any idea's? Any one else come across this? Using different software I am unable to locate it on any of the machines so was wondering if anyone else had experienced this problem when their ZA had upgraded and if so..how they solved.


Now...where's the kettle......

  spanneress 05:50 01 Jul 2004

Ran Spybot in Advanced Mode (through start /programs)..under cookies.cbi, selected c2.lop in the exclusion section. This thus allowed spybot to complete the scan. (I reproduced the problem on one of my testing laptops).

This however is a short fix and has not sorted the underlying problem. I guess hijack this is the next step although I am loathe to do this in-situ at a customer's house.

  Nellie2 07:41 01 Jul 2004
  spanneress 09:28 01 Jul 2004

One thousand bless you's. Huuuge sigh of relief.

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