Spybot and Adaware update problems

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:52 20 Apr 2004

My last successful update of Spybot was probably about 3 months ago (that's a guess, anyone know if there is a way of telling exact date?) since then it has said no newer updates available. From threads on this forum I am sure that thisis not true. Tonight I got the message "error retrieving update file". Same message with Adaware which, until now has been fine.

Have tried selecting a different mirror on spybot but the drop down does not appear.

Is this a known problem or is it just me? If the latter, anyone know a fix.

Any help appreciated.



  spuds 00:22 21 Apr 2004

Cannot help you with a fix, but can inform you of latest updates: SpyBot 04 March 2004 and Adaware 6.0 updated yesterday 20 April 2004.

Might be worth trying to re-install both programmes from scratch, try from here click here

  Stuartli 09:26 21 Apr 2004

Spybot updates are rare; in the case of AdAware, do you have the latest version i.e. 181?

AdAware will not update version 160. On the AdAware panel click on the "i" symbol and you will be given details of the particular version.

If it is the earlier version install a cover disk copy or, better still, download direct from the Lavasoft website.

  end 22:38 21 Apr 2004

???didnt someone post somewhere that spybot is "changing" soon to another version??? hense the "very infrequent updates"?????

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:07 21 Apr 2004

Have the latest version of adaware 6.181. Think I may have jumped the gun a bit there as it has updated fine today. Probably just strain on the server if there was an update yesterday.

Spybot, still no joy, think I'll have to follow spuds advice. Do I really need to download or can I just reinstall from my last download (it has worked before so I figure the last download would be fine?)?

Thanks again


  Stuartli 09:06 22 Apr 2004

Some AdAware updates have proved a pain to download recently but things have been much better over the past week or 10 days.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:55 22 Apr 2004

for your time and help. Will reinstall spybot and then re-download if necessary.

Thanks again


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