Delete 17:56 16 Jan 2006

Is it worth having this on my computer? I was told that it wasnt much use.I do have Microsoft spywear.

  sunny staines 17:58 16 Jan 2006

yes,in addition to ms antispyware

  SANTOS7 18:02 16 Jan 2006

It will find threats that other progs do not
click here
another really useful addition, if you do not already have it, good luck..........

  Totally-braindead 18:04 16 Jan 2006

Spybot will not remove 100% of spyware but then neither does anything else. What has been recommended is to run at least 2 antispyware programs as hopefully the other programs will catch what some of them miss. I have Adaware and Spybot which are both free as well as Counterspy which has a free trial but you do have to pay for once the trial is over, about £15 a year I think it was. Microsoft antispyware is good but you need more than that, download and use something else as well because non of the programs will get them all. I'm trying to remember where I saw the tests on this I think it was in PCA, in the tests Counterspy was best if I recall correctly but it didn't remove everything either thats why you should have more than one antispyware program.

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