Spybot 1.5.2

  provider 2 15:44 16 Mar 2008

I`m still with Spyboy 1.4 but they claim the new version has been fixed. Is anybody using it successfully or are there still problems?

click here

  SB23 15:47 16 Mar 2008

I've been using it with no problems at all.

  provider 2 15:47 16 Mar 2008

Spyboy? Spybot

  MAT ALAN 15:48 16 Mar 2008

Works fine for me, XP Home SP3

  rdave13 16:32 16 Mar 2008

Works well, xp sp2 and vista.

  sunny staines 16:34 16 Mar 2008

same on xp pro sp3

  provider 2 17:08 16 Mar 2008

Thank you all for your responses. I`ll give it a try.

(I don`t have the bottle for Sp 3 yet, though.)

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