Spybot 1.4 updating problems

  hatrickj 08:14 15 Jul 2005

I have just installed 1.4 and find that I too am experiencing 10061 errors that are shown as supposedly resolved in another thread.

Is there any setting I need change or can I update by downloading another way then manually installing. I've made a web search but what, if anyrhing, turns up is not helpful. Full instructions will be most appreciated. Thank you.

  VoG II 08:21 15 Jul 2005

In Spybot's Update window, try selecting EON (Australia) from the drop-down list of download sites.

  hatrickj 09:40 15 Jul 2005

Sorry, you've lost me. I cannot find the item you mention in the update window.

  VoG II 09:44 15 Jul 2005

The button to the right of Search for updates. It is probably set to Safer Networking #1 (Europe). Click the arrow and select EON (Australia).

  hatrickj 10:29 15 Jul 2005

But the button to right shows <<No server selceted> and the drop down box is read- won't open!

  VoG II 10:36 15 Jul 2005

It should look like click here

  hatrickj 11:20 15 Jul 2005

That's what I am talking about. But clicking on that or the little botton at the r.h. edge does absolutely nothing at all. No drop down box appears.

  pj123 11:57 15 Jul 2005

I have Spybot 1.3 but when I "search for updates" I get "No newer updates available"??? even when using EON (Australia).

  bretsky 13:38 15 Jul 2005

Servers could be down,try again later. click here I use 1.3 and get same as pj123.

bretsky ;0)

  hatrickj 09:26 16 Jul 2005

Bretsky, thanks for the link.

Kooking at the dates of the link-forum posts, that rfer to an ongoing problem, I do not feel encouraged to continue with Spybot, as the *actual* ability to update definitions would seem essential.

Am I being too harsh or should Spybot users be looking for an alternative program?

  pj123 11:05 16 Jul 2005

Just realised, Spybot 1.4 is not an update it is a completely new version. Have downloaded it from download.com and installed it. All went smoothly and no problems.

click here

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