Spybot 1.4 problem

  Madscot_uk 13:02 22 Jul 2005

I use spybot, alonside its registry monitoring sorftware. When a registry change is requested a box pops up asking me to confirm, or deny the change. There is also the option to remeber the change through a tick box. When i was using this on 1.3 it worked fine, now the "remeber this change" text covers the accept/deny boxes leaving only a small space blow which is clicable. Whilst this is annoying, it is still usable. Does anyone have the same problem\know how to get round it?


  bertiecharlie 13:51 22 Jul 2005

It's a known bug which will be fixed at some point. There is a workaround on page 3 of this thread click here

You can use your keyboard - A for allow and D for deny.

  Madscot_uk 14:00 22 Jul 2005

Thanks, will play around with the various alternatives in that forum untill s&d get round to fixing the bug. :)

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