spybot 1.2 and manual updates

  end 17:28 17 May 2004

I have had some manual updates e mailed to me and have "saved" them in my "downloads" folder; BUT..how do I get them from the folder to the programme?? (win 98se running)shouldl be simple but cannot see how....

  Old Shep 17:31 17 May 2004

Question is how on earth did you get them e.mailed to you. They are normally downloaded straight ontro your computer.

  end 17:42 17 May 2004

no they are not, any more for version 1.2....(see other threads on this) .I e mailed the company direct for some guidance on what they ARE doing about updating tthe s&d 1.2; ahve also seen some rather "interesting " reviews on s&d new version ( not very complimentary)..and am annoyed that, ahving plucked up the courage some while ago to get the spybot thing ON here, I then discover that it is "out of date" and changing ...I need to add the updates to my present spybot but how??

  Meshuga 19:39 17 May 2004

Hi end, having seen your posting I have just downloaded spybot 1.3 straight over the top of 1.2 without any trouble. The layout is different and it has all the updates.Why not give it a go. Meshuga.

  end 22:45 17 May 2004

what os r u on I am win 98 se...have seen other threads with peoples having lots of problems with s&d....how DO you put it straight OVER the other one??? really, this is all gettign yuk for me...!!!

  Beann Syrup 23:33 17 May 2004

Hi end
I downloaded Spybot 1.3 to 'My Documents' and installed it from there.
It went no bother over 1.2 and was running OK until last night when it appeared to be in the 'huff' for some reason or other - kept throwing up error messages and then would only start loading to 3 bars and freeze.
I tried it just now and it was going fine found a few problems and fixed them. I also have 98se.

  Meshuga 07:30 18 May 2004

Hello end,my os is xp and U just download as U would any prog as Beann Syrup has said and click on install and thats it.U then have 1.3 instead of 1.2. Its a simple proceedure. I`m on broadband and the whole thing took about 10/15 minutes. Regards, Meshuga.

  end 07:56 18 May 2004

am thinking of "looking around " for soemthing else; I get rather annoyed when , ahving taken a long time to deide on somehing IT then "becomes obsolete" (as it were), and creats yet MORE hassles.

I think it is all very wel for th "pros" out there who are dealing with computers and their problems contantly, and who have "back-up" to hand when thigns go wrong: I have no back-up, and am trying to stay " hassle free" after my recent "encounters"....staying away from dodgy sites, keeping e mails "clean" and virus updated....but why do things get obsolete...I THINK just to annoy ME.......( and give me get MORE grey( no WHITE!!) hairs...)...

  Stuartli 08:49 18 May 2004

My guess - and that's all it is - is that updates will be still available for S and D 1.2 for a short period.

There's no way that everyone who has it already installed would immediately switch to 1.3 or even, in fact, be aware it was available.

Mind you that theory didn't apply in the case of Ad-aware6's switch from build 160 and 162 to 181 with regard to updates.....

  end 11:58 18 May 2004

I KNOW I"m probably "going to regret" asking this (expectancy of sarcastic etc comments ...); but, just how DO you install the one OVER the other????as I cannot afford to go down the road of yet MORE computer probelsm than already done....

  end 12:18 18 May 2004

OR...OR.. is there an alternative program" out there "that would be "more suitable" for me; I just do NOT want to MAKE more problems than I ahve already been through...

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