SPYaxe removal help

  ACOLYTE 01:24 05 Jan 2006

My friend phoned me today,his pc was acting up,he is on AOL9 dialup,and not bieng familar with AOL idid what i could to help him,i installed AVG,sptbot,adaware,spywae baster, A2 off of a cd i had made,updated the aid items,witch in itself to an age on dialup,after all this i removed 19 viruses/trojans and 7 pieces of spyware,but this click here as it look here has me baffled dispite my best efforts i cant get the task bar icon to stop displaying the warning i have removed loads of things related to spyaxe with spybot/adaware/and even AVG but this little blighter i cannot shift any one have the answer.

  Skyver 01:28 05 Jan 2006

This may help click here
Used it (downloads and instructions) myself the other day (on someone elses machine), didn't need the uninstallers.zip link, but still had to do the scans as you've already done.
Ewido is recommended to fully remove it too assuming the PC is Win2k/XP.

  ACOLYTE 01:44 05 Jan 2006

Thx ill save these to cd and nip back round on the morrow and try my luck again,been at it 4 hours tonight,AOL is a real pain when your not familiar with it,it seems to load everything but the kitchen sink on startup,lol.

  Skills 02:42 05 Jan 2006

Theres also removal instructions here click here

  ACOLYTE 13:28 06 Jan 2006

Thx for the help on this i think it has been shifted,it doesnt show the ballon anymore and nothing is picked up on scans.He did have at least 3 different dialers on his pc though,i wouldnt like to be him when he gets his next phone bill.Seems to me AOL add more to the problems with all the software it installs,some of witch i dont even think is needed,to bloated for me).

  maitreya667 00:51 16 Jan 2006

Here are some removal instructions you can find helpfull:
click here

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