Spy Software

  Fred05 20:31 05 Feb 2007

I ask this question because i have 'family' problems.
Is there software which can be placed on to this computer by one person to record all passwords and site usage unknown to any other user?

  baldtaco 20:59 05 Feb 2007

Yes, loads.

  Fred05 22:51 05 Feb 2007

Ok so how does one attempt to find it and counteract it? How do you find it as it could be one of many?

  skidzy 23:00 05 Feb 2007

Seems like you wish to investigate other users,family or not !
Im not sure about forum rules on this,but i think your help is going to be limited.

Sorry,i feel this is something you should search for yourself.

And asking for software to access there passwords....well say no more !!!

  Fred05 23:09 05 Feb 2007

No actually it is the other way around - i believe my OH is getting passed all my passwords(we have major issues but that's another forum) I hope to find a way or if there was a way of detecting that type of software.

  Totally-braindead 23:13 05 Feb 2007

Geho as far as I know there is no simple way to check for all possible ways of doing this.
My only suggestion would be use another computer such as the public library one.

  tullie 23:18 05 Feb 2007

Maybe change all passwords

  Fred05 23:21 05 Feb 2007

I do change them fairly often.
Anyway i had to ask.
Thanks for the replies

  skidzy 23:27 05 Feb 2007

There is a simple program that will show most passwords on any pc,that is all i will say im afraid.

Totally-braindead has hit the nail on the head if its private data...use the library.

Apologies if you feel offended,it is not meant that way.Though we do not know who you are or what you are trying to achieve,safety first from me.

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