Spy bot white list

  ACOLYTE 12:35 12 May 2006

Can someone tell me where to find the white list,i get pop ups telling me that actions have been taken automatically as they are in my white list,i would like to view and maybe edit/delete this list and start again if possible?

  rawprawn 13:38 12 May 2006

I typed White list into Spybot Help/Search and came up with these. I am not sure, but have a look and see what you think
click here

  rawprawn 13:39 12 May 2006

Sorry about the link, just type "white list" in the box

  ACOLYTE 14:02 12 May 2006

I never thought to check the spy bot page,i didn't find anything mentioning white list directly,but i did find out that you can view it by right clicking the teatime icon and click show log.I am still trying to find how to edit said log and if i did what the outcome would be.When i open spybot and goto tools resident section i see the same entries as the log shows but it doesnt give any way to edit or delete them.It may be you have to turn off teatimer but i would rather have that on and edit the file.

  VCR97 20:12 12 May 2006

Does this help?

click here

  ACOLYTE 14:42 13 May 2006

Thx for the links,unfortunatly none of them tell you how to edit the file once you have made your decisions,i did manage to start afresh but only after i uninstalled spybot and reinstalled it.Once you have made your options i can see no way to undo what you did apart from uninstalling.

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