spy-bot a question

  Morpheus? 21:01 06 Dec 2003

hi all, i have just installed spy-bot on my XP PC,i ran the "check for problems" and it came back with 110, so i clicked the "sort it out" button, (can not remember what it said" anyway, i decided to run it again, it done its scan, and then came back saying there were 83 problems, but none of the boxes had ticks in them, and the "sort it out" button was greyed out.. any idea what it all means .....thanks

  howard60 07:51 07 Dec 2003

do you have a set preferences button? this might allow you to set it up for your requirements. Sorry this is the best I can do as I do not know the prog. Still it will bring it back to the top for you.

  john-232317 08:48 07 Dec 2003

just ran a double check on mine. First time, found 15 problems, second time got green tick, congratulations no immediate problems.

Perhaps it is because you have only just downloaded it, and first time use ? try it again today.

On the left hand side of window ,go into settings then settings again , then click default button , this will select the settings they recommend, later you can change these settings to suit your needs, also read through the help files.

hope this helps john

  john-232317 08:55 07 Dec 2003

PS. maybe you ran second scan while first scan was being deleted, and jammed some files in the system ?

  Morpheus? 10:12 07 Dec 2003

thank you all for the help, i shall go back and try again...........

  muppetmark 10:15 07 Dec 2003

Spybot will only automatically fix the items it lists in red, the others are users choice, generally cookies and recently used file lists, to clean those up you would need to tick the relevant boxes. HTH

  Jester2K II 10:16 07 Dec 2003

"none of the boxes had ticks in them, and the "sort it out" button was greyed out"

if you don't tick the boxes then theres nothing to be sorted hence the button is greyed out.

Some problems are ticked by default, some aren't depending on their type. I suggest what happened was 110 problems where found, 32 where checked and 78 unchecked. You clicked "sort it" and it fixed the 32 checked. You reran the scan and the 78 unchecked ones came up again.

  Morpheus? 10:58 07 Dec 2003

oh dear, i guess that must be it then, operator error...thank you.....

  Jester2K II 11:03 07 Dec 2003

Its just a suggestion. Maybe i'm wrong. Have another go with SpyBot.

  Stuartli 11:19 07 Dec 2003

Some of the entries which come up are tracking related and perfectly normal.

S and D 1.2 makes absolutely clear what is and what is not acceptable and provides the opportunity to get rid.

You should also use AdAware6 Build 181 and, even better, SpywareBlaster, which will stop most unwanted nasties appearing in the first place...:-)

Advice on configuring AdAware6 is available at:

click here

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