Sputtering on new DVD player

  Diemmess 15:20 02 Apr 2005

Have given way to curiosity and just installed a Benq 1620 DVD R/RW. Installation said there was an old DirectX version but not able to update it.

Loaded a magazine disk which seems to run OK visually, and background "music" also seems OK... The voice-over is poor with a sputtering delivery.

.. Ordinary commercial CDs sound fine, though as yet I have no other DVDs.

Is this a decoder thing? I had to download the latest, and the website would have liked to sell me an all singing all dancing one @ $33.00

  handy4x 16:41 02 Apr 2005

what is your system ?
cpu, memory, operating system
as older systems are not fast enough to run dvds
also directx is downloadable from the microsoft update or go to the microsoft website and serch for dierectx

  pj123 16:41 02 Apr 2005

Well is this a coincidence? My friend bought the same DVD burner in January this year. Now it doesn't play anything at all and also doesn't record either. I always thought Benq was a quality manufacterer. He is in the process of returning it under the guarantee.

  Diemmess 17:48 02 Apr 2005

A third possibility is that the Magazine freebie isn't "concert quality!"

I will ask a neighbour to try it (when and if they have any energy after a hard day's gardening)

  Diemmess 17:37 03 Apr 2005

The fault was mine! Impatience coupled with a desire not to load still more megabytes of "never to be used" software.

I did download the latest DirectX - no difference...... So having already installed InterActual Player which presumably is a generic and not very good and sputtered, I installed InterVideo WinDVD4. Problem solved, it plays well!

pj123 I hope my BENQ doesn't go the way your friends did........ Frankly over the years starting will a Creative CDROM (4x) and soundblaster for about £160 which died at about its first birthday, I have had a SCSI TEAC which wouldn't handle RW stuff, but has lasted until displaced by the BENQ......... Also a Pioneer burner which died in its youth and was replaced with a LiteOn which still works first and every time......In my view CD burners are the most fragile peripheral and "Name" doesn't seem to guarantee long life.

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