Spurious punctuation marks in contact addesses

  SparkyJack 08:50 19 Feb 2011

What causes this and can it be prevented?
Thunderbird used to do this- select a contact - compose a message and 'send' only to have the action rejected because the address was corrupted by chevrons or a colon having attached them selves to the line.
Checking the side bar revealed a list of such addresses-delete then and all returned to normal.
Now I am finding the same with my Webmail list in Yahoo-
Why does it happen and can it be prevented?
Will I now have to go through the list and edit each one or can it be resolved in some other way?

  mgmcc 09:32 19 Feb 2011

Not sure how you're seeing the chevrons but, if both name and email address are used (as opposed to only the email address), the correct syntax would be...

Name <email address>

...and multiple recipients would be separated by semi-colons or commas...

Name <email address>; Name2 <email address2>

Some email programs will hide the address and show only the name when the recipient has been inserted from an address book, but in the background the syntax remains the same.

An alternative syntax that is also valid is to put the *name* in round brackets and leave the address unbracketed...

(Name) email address

  SparkyJack 09:41 19 Feb 2011

And is how presented in the address book initially.
How ever in time the punctuations become misplaced or new ones creep in.

  mgmcc 10:30 19 Feb 2011

So what form do the addresses take when they've been "corrupted"?

We can't guess how punctuation marks have been misplaced or added. ;)

  SparkyJack 12:22 19 Feb 2011

For example in Thunderbird in stead of
[email protected]
it would be ""joe [email protected]""
So the quotes would have to edited out

In my yahoo web addresses < and > seem to be the problem- so each addy has to be carefully edited.

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