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  mika3387 04:28 18 Mar 2003

Being a relative newcomer to computers,i was wondering how i can keep my pc in good order.Can anyone suggest a utility to help clean up the envitable un-needed,junk,duplicate,old registries,&temp files that grow whilst in use.Are utilities that deal with a specific problem better than an all-round tools, or does it not matter.I have seen a few, but they all seem to either tell you they clean what the others don,t, or their latest version now includes item,s,that was,nt in the original.I am running xp pro with service pack 1.Or are the in-built one,s good enough and i can save money!.Mika3387.

  AndySD 04:39 18 Mar 2003

The Disk Cleanup Tool does a reasonable job. click here

Make sure you also Defragment your Hard Drive afterwards. Diskeeper does a better job of this than the one installed with XP. Diskeeper Lite is free and well worth using click here

  €dstow 08:08 18 Mar 2003

As you state you are a relative newcomer, I suggest that you avoid ALL of these add-on utilities that claim to clean this, that and the other. They very often cause malfunctioning and damage to a computer setup as many threads in these columns can testify.

They frequently state that certain things can be removed which the experienced user knows very well that they can't but you may not be aware of the importance of a particular item, delete it - result - no functioning computer.

The same applies to these panic programs that claim to search around your system and suggest ways of upgrading various functions for better performance. Often these upgrades (such as flashing the BIOS) are very dangerous in themselves but worse, they aren't necessary and don't produce any noticeable improvement even it they are successful.

By all means use the Disk Cleanup facility and disk defragmenter already in your operating sytem to keep your system going at its best but definitely avoid third party programs.

Modern hard drives are big enough to be able to cope with a fair amount of junk and not become cluttered, as opposed to just a few years ago when drive space was in very short supply and every byte saved seemed to be a gift from on high.

Don't do it!!!


  mika3387 14:21 18 Mar 2003

Thanks for your advice.I now have Diskeeper Lite which seems easier and better to use.I also take note of messing around with things i do not understand.I will not bother with these type of utilities and i will save the money instead.

  Andsome 14:46 18 Mar 2003

I had to reinstall Windows 98SE on my old computer after using a reg cleaning program. NEVER AGAIN.

  mika3387 04:06 19 Mar 2003

I,ve heard enough,seems they, (utilities) have a lot to answer for!, in certain circumstances.Thanks again Mika3387.

  leo49 12:41 19 Mar 2003

Notwithstanding all the so sensible advice above, two things:

1. There is a whole host of extremely useful and effective Freeware utilities available which can help you maintain your PC. It is certainly not necessary to spend money on such programs. There are also thousands of free and retail programs which are a total waste of space.Sorting the sheep from the goats with inadequate knowledge to do so is the first problem a newcomer faces - often the only way to judge is to try it out.Usage problems arise from ignorance resulting from failure to read and absorb the appropriate Help files before clicking around just-to-see-what-this-does,or having done so, not understanding the terminology and thus the consequences of operations.If you don't understand, there are many sources of information,not least this Forum, where guidance to using programs can be had.Above all, try to identify the problem or an area of maintenance to address, rather than using programs in search of problems to solve.

2.It's all well and good being Mr/Mrs Sensible, but making mistakes and recovering from them is all part of the learning process. It's pointless living in fear of 'breaking' your PC, it's merely a tool to be used and enjoyed and the more you learn to understand it and it's quirks the more enjoyment and satisfaction you'll get out of using it.The worst that can happen is that you have to reinstall Windows and you'll have to learn how to do that someday.


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