Spreadsheets - Link whole spreadsheet to another

  Chrystal 16:36 23 Feb 2005

Just wondered if anyone knew how to link a whole spreadsheet to another one in a different file so that when I update my orginal, the data will be updated into the other spreadsheet that is in a different folder

  Djohn 17:05 23 Feb 2005

Until VoG comes along to give a detailed answer, this may help from the excel help file.

Merge data from several workbooks.

You can link workbooks from several users or departments and then integrate the pertinent data into a summary workbook. That way, when the source workbooks are changed, you won't have to manually change the summary workbook.

Formulas with links to other workbooks are displayed in two ways, depending on whether the source workbook— the one workbook that supplies data to a formula— is open or closed.

When the source is open, the link includes the workbook name in square brackets, followed by the worksheet name, an exclamation point (!), and the cells that the formula depends on.

For example, the following formula adds the cells C10:C25 from the workbook named Budget.xls.


When the source is not open, the link includes the entire path.


  JaßîsFaß ˜ 17:07 23 Feb 2005

Open both spreadsheets, then in Spreadsheet A, go to any cell where you want that cell to equal an enrty in Spreadsheet B, type = and then swap to Spreadsheet B, locate the cell it needs to be equal to and click on it and then press enter. The formula will then be stored in Spreadsheet A to equal the cell value in Spreadsheet B.

This can be repeated for any cells that you need in sheet A that need to be eqaul to those in sheet B.

If you update sheet B when this file is open and sheet A is not open, then only sheet B will be changed, but when you open sheet A, with sheet B open it will ask you if you want to update the cells from the other sheet.

If you have both open at the same time Excel will normally update A as you change B.

Hope this helps and I have not missed anything out. Post back if you need further help.

  huzzar 17:32 23 Feb 2005

If you want to link a particular CELL in one spreadsheet to another particular CELL in another spreadsheet that will be updated whenever the value of the cell (A) changes, then in spreadsheet A right-click the cell and select "copy". In spreadsheet B right-click the cell and select "Paste Special" select "Paste Link" and thats it. Any alteration to the cell in file A will be reflected in file B plus any other cells that are linked to them. Hope thais helps or leads you to the right method.

  wee eddie 18:28 23 Feb 2005

If you rename either of the spreadsheets then all your links will be lost.

Good luck. I shall watch, as this is info I can use but have never had the nerve to try!

  VoG II 19:11 23 Feb 2005

To link the entire spreadsheet, select all the data in the first workbook and select Copy.

Open the second workbook, Edit/Paste Special and click the Paste Links button.

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