Daiol 22:10 27 Nov 2008

Hi,I was watching a program on the telly the other night,and there was this guy doing his income / outgoings etc he was using either excell or works 7 spreadsheet.Well when he moved the mouse over one cell ie 'gas bill' there was a little red mark in the corner of the cell and upon placing the mouse over this little red mark a balloon popped up with details that he could enter text in.Now i dont have excell but i do have microsoft works 7 with spreadsheet now is that method available for works or is it only in excell.??.thanks daiol.

  MAT ALAN 22:20 27 Nov 2008

right click any cell, see from the dropdown list if you have the option to "insert comment"

  Belatucadrus 23:55 27 Nov 2008

Just checked out my copy of Works 7 spreadsheet, which I'll admit I rarely use and I can't see any comment facility.
It is however available on the freebie OpenOffice Calc.

  Daiol 09:08 28 Nov 2008

firstly to MAT ALAN,I tried what you said but no dropdown menu,
Secondly to Belatucadrus,Regarding open office if i install it will it read my works spreadsheets that i have already got saved,and if yes where would be the ideal place to download open office from?.Thankyou both.david.

  exdragon 09:19 28 Nov 2008

What version of Excel are you using? I've got 2003 and frequently use the Comment facility.

Sorry if I'm being obvious, but when you right click a cell, are you sure the drop down menu displays all the options? You may have it set to just display the most used option.

  Daiol 09:24 28 Nov 2008

Sorry but i'm not using excell,I'm using 'Microsoft works 7 spreadsheets'.Thanks for reply.

  exdragon 09:36 28 Nov 2008

Err - reminder to self to read the thread properly, sorry!

  Belatucadrus 11:57 28 Nov 2008

To do that you need the OpenOffice GoOo version click here it's an authorised development of the core OpenOffice package incorporating Works compatibility not available in the main version. It's the one I've got on my Laptop for just that reason.

  Simsy 12:01 28 Nov 2008

You can resave your worksheets, within works, as .xls files.
Then Open Office will open then without further problem.



  Daiol 12:26 28 Nov 2008

Well thankyou all,I think i have all the info i req to sort that little item out.Thanks once again to all at forums dam good job.daiol

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