Spreadsheet prints multipage

  rrobbie 18:37 13 Mar 2003

Windows XP Home + SP1
Microsoft Works 6
Open new spreadsheet
8 columns
24 rows
no alterations - to height/width/anything
Format borders/gridlines around 3each cell
Prints 4 pages
Each page contains 4 columns and 12 rows
Even older spreadsheets now print as above

  MAJ 18:45 13 Mar 2003

it's hard enough trying to workout a solution, it's even harder to do it when you have to workout the question first. Could you try the question again, this time with a little punctuation and a better explanation of the problem. Sorry rrobbie, maybe it's just me.

  geedad 20:03 13 Mar 2003

rrobbie. I use MS Office Pro Excel, and you may have similar setup in your menus. Once you have your data within the spreadsheet, have you tried:
MENU then PRINT AREA( to highlight the columns and rows ).
Usually, you will see a dotted boundary shown as a limit to your printers output, and if this is exceeded, reduce the size of your font.
Then try a couple of dummy runs in 'draft' quality.
I am only guessing that this is your problem, since you have not clearly explained it, but I hope this helps.

  DieSse 22:27 13 Mar 2003

Check in the printer setup options - there may be a "fit to page" option to tick.

  rrobbie 09:46 14 Mar 2003

Starting any new spreadsheet - select format then border - select any border to cover 8 columns and 24 rows.
Print then only prints 4 columns and 12 rows as page then 4 columns and 12 rows as 2nd page and so-on unitprinted 4 pages
Select printarea and highlight will print as one page but existing spreadsheets were made as multipage and us4ed to print OK

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