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  dahli 17:39 05 Jan 2003
  dahli 17:39 05 Jan 2003

I am looking for a spreadsheet boffin! I would like the following Array Formula translated from Excel to work in Lotus 123.
Formual is =IF(OR(Entries!B2=RESULT),"WINS","")
RESULT is a range name and Entries is the name of the first worksheet.
This is to create a spreadsheet to run a Lottery Syndicate and appeared as a workshop in Computeractive magazine in May 1999!!
Anybody able to help. Thanks


  howard60 20:18 05 Jan 2003

into google it will give you the forums for these programs.

  Taran 21:02 05 Jan 2003

I don't mean to be negative here, but if you don't have the relevant back issue to refer to you can download a copy of the workshop article in Adobe PDF format from the Computeractive website for the princely sum of 25p (or 23p if you subscribe to Computeractive).

There are many ways to run your lottery syndicate and dozens of appropriate solutions in either Excel or Lotus. A search in Google will give you a lot of returns.

Frankly though, in the event that you want this specific workshop solution, I'd pay the 25p for it.

Go to click here then click on the Workshops link. Now click on the spreadsheets link and pick the workshop article (2nd off bottom) and pay for it.


  dahli 19:10 06 Jan 2003


Thanks I will try the searchin Google as I do have the magazine article but it gives the formual for Excel and Corel only and I have been unable to translate it.

Google seems the way to go as anything that does a similar job will solve my problems.

Thanks all for the help


  pj123 12:54 07 Jan 2003

Are you just looking for a Lottery Checker, if so I have written one that will check up to 84 lines.

If you want a copy of it please email me on

[email protected]


  pj123 16:12 16 Jan 2003

I emailed you a copy of my lottery checker.

Let us know if it is any good?????

  dahli 20:00 17 Jan 2003

Sorry thought I responded to your Email. With thanks. Unfortunately i do not have MS Excel on my machine but thought I would be able to use your spreadsheet by translating it into Star Office. howeveer the macros do not come through.

I have kept a copy for the day when I can afford Office 97 or better!

I just Brought Lotus Smartsuite Millenium (9.5) from Curries for £4.95!! Bargain or what....

Thanks for your help and to Taran whose link I followed to the Computeractive article to enable me to use Lotus

I like this site


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