Thomo1 18:56 07 Mar 2005

This is incrediably simple but i can remember how to do it.

I want to make 2 headers on my spreadsheet. i want row 1 to be split into 2 main cells that have 5 separate columns underneath. (if that makes sence).

Eg. Row 1 -------------------I-------------------

....Row 2 ---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---

....Row 3 ---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---

etc, etc.

The - stand for the column width and the I stand for the column boxes.

How do i get Row 1 to be split into 2 main cells but underneath the cells left normal???

Using Microsoft Works spreadsheet.

  TonyV 19:12 07 Mar 2005


If you select the cells you want to form the colums, then click on Format/Cells/Alignment then Merge cells. (I assume you are using Excel.)

  TonyV 19:14 07 Mar 2005


Should have said, on the First row that you want splitting into two!

Hope this helps

  Thomo1 19:14 07 Mar 2005

ah hah thats y i cud not remeber how to do it. I dont have excel. I knew merge cells existed but i couldnt find it and thats y. I was trying to do it using a normal MS works spreadsheet.

Any ideas on how i can manage it without excel???

it at all.


  TonyV 19:30 07 Mar 2005


It's basically the same in Lotus 123, wording is different, but the end result is the same! (Range/Range Properties/Alignment/Align across Columns. Then click on the Central Alignment.) Is there nothing in the Formatting or Range Properties in your programme that will give the same result?

I do not know the Works version of Excel, but thought it would have been something very similar.

Good luck!!


  Cannuck 19:38 07 Mar 2005

Are you trying to keep the titles as you scroll down?
If so all you do is "freeze" beneatn the titles.
This is under "Format"

  Cannuck 19:57 07 Mar 2005

Don't know if I am reading you right.
Do you want a main title, then subtitles, with the data filled in below?
If so you can "split" the screen 4 ways or you can "freeze" both columns and rows.
If you want the title of each section to be in the middle of its side of the sheet, just go to "format", "alignment", and the bottom one is "center across section". This gives you the title in the middle of that side, no matter how long or short.
You get these commands from the "Format" on the top bar, not right clicking.

  Thomo1 23:31 07 Mar 2005

Tony - all making central alignment does is write the text from the middle not the left on my version of Works. I dont have the excel spreadsheet only the Works spreadsheet.

This is what i am wanting. (see diagram in 1st post)

Row 1, Column A = Daily Targets

Row 1, Column B = Weekly Targets

Row 2, Column A = Day

Row 2, Column B = Target

Row 2, Column C = Actual

Row 2, Column D = +/-

Row 2, Column E = Running Total

Row 2, Column F = Week Number

Row 2, Column G = Target

Row 2, Column H = Actual

Row 2, Column I = +/-

Row 2, Column J = Running Total +/-

Row 3, Column A = Monday

Row 4, Column A = Tuesday

Row 5, Column A = Wednesday

Row 6, Column A = Thursday

Row 7, Column A = Friday

Row 8, Column A = Saturday

Row 9, Column A = Sunday. Row 9, Column F = Total

Row 11, Column A = Total

Eg. Row 1 ---Daily Targets--I--Weekly Targets---

....Row 2 DayITargetIActualIetcI---I---I---I---I

....Row 3 MonIetcI---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---

....Row 4 TueIetcI---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---

The "I" indicates the cell.

  Thomo1 23:41 07 Mar 2005

Managed it, just had a play with it and had to format text to fill from center but instead of typing str8 into the cells, i had to first click on them all then click the text box.


  TonyV 23:44 07 Mar 2005


I see what you are trying to do and thought that by merging the cells as I suggested earlier then aligning them in the centre of the merged cells would look better. But if you say it can't be done in Works then I'm not sure what else you can do.



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