Spread sheet help wanted

  golfpro 07:34 30 Aug 2007

I am using Open Office Calc, on one sheet I have a load of numbers in one column "F", in which I make frequent alterations. I would like to place a total number somewhere that updates automatically when I make a change. How do I do this?

  Belatucadrus 09:52 30 Aug 2007

Two ways either select a cell under the column and click the "sum" button its the one showing the Greek Sigma S or manually enter =SUM(F5:F24) into a cell of your choice.
F5 and F24 are just examples, adjust to whatever range of cells your column fills.

  VoG II 10:06 30 Aug 2007

If Calc is anything like Excel you could also use


which will sum the whole of column F, ignoring any headings etc. and will correctly sum as the number of rows in column F changes.

This formula must be placed in a column other than F.

  golfpro 11:03 30 Aug 2007

Thanks Belatucadrus this worked fine.

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