March Wind 00:03 11 Jun 2011

I have pictures sent to me vie hotmail. They are in a zip. How do I get them to open up in jpag? Sometimes it works but not always. I am not sure what I am doing for this to happen. I have Photosuit,Serif on my PC they open up in Serif with spp ending I want them to open in Photosuite ending in jpeg. I have Windows XP.

  wee eddie 04:03 11 Jun 2011

What version of Windows do you have? Most versions have suitable software already installed.

Right click it and you should get a number of Options, including one which describes itself as something like "Unzip to File"

Click that and you will get a Folder containing whatever has been sent you.

  Strawballs 09:43 11 Jun 2011

Windows has had that since XP so just do as wee eddie says

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:06 11 Jun 2011

Double click the zip folder and XP will open it

File - Extract All

open a photo in Serif then save as - select jpg for the file type list

  woodchip 15:55 11 Jun 2011

They will only open in the format they was saved as, you need to resave as jpg for that to work

  chub_tor 16:21 11 Jun 2011

I think that in Serif you may have to use the File, Export function rather than Save As, and choose export in jpg format.

  March Wind 20:14 11 Jun 2011

This time it worked from wee eddy link. Thank you. I hope it works every time because I do what as been suggested but does it always work NO, I do save in jpeg but still no picture most of the time it opens in Serif. I just hope it will work every time. Sometimes I get different selections to click on.. sometimes it will say convert to. I also use PicAview. Thank for now I hope not to be back on this subject.

  wee eddie 03:59 12 Jun 2011

March Wind. I think that you are misunderstanding the nature of a Zip File.

It's just a bag that reduces the size of whatever is inside of it so that it is easier to send.

To open the bag, you just need to UnZip it.

Inside may be Letters, Pictures, Music Files or Movie Clips. Each different type of file will need a suitable program to open it.

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