Spots on Digital Photo's

  Johny C 00:48 10 Jul 2004

Hi All

I have an Olympus C-2 camera, and when i take a photograph i notice on some shots there are a couple of spots/circles on the image thats displayed on-screen. Is it something i am doing wrong or can it be rectified.

I hope it can be as the camera istelf is so easy to use.

Hope someone can help

Thanks in advance.......... John

  Charence 01:09 10 Jul 2004

In what kind of situation is this occuring? Bright Sunlight? Also get a glass cleaning cloth to wipe the lens filter or lens on the camera if it is dirty. Do the spots appear on the computer as well or just on camera screen? If it only occurs on camera, maybe wipe clean the screen of camera.


  Gaz 25 01:18 10 Jul 2004

They are super natural occurances...

Called orbes.

Look them up on the net.

  Gaz 25 01:21 10 Jul 2004
  Johny C 01:38 10 Jul 2004

The spots appear in all different conditions both inside and out, and yes they do appear on the computer screen and also on the photo when you print it out. I have cleaned the lens but its still happening. It doesnt always happen only sometimes but it has ruined a few of what could have been very good photo's.

Gaz 25 - Orbes you say, very much doubt it my friend, but it gave me a laugh anyway

  Gaz 25 01:53 10 Jul 2004

If it made you laugh, then great!

But just a suggestion in any case.

  Gaz 25 01:57 10 Jul 2004
  Gaz 25 01:58 10 Jul 2004

I'll give up now... but see it is a possibility, since anythings possible. ;-)

Good luck in finding the cause!

My digi dont produce them effects so don't think its your camera.

  Johny C 02:01 10 Jul 2004

These are the exact images lol

click here

  Djohn 02:03 10 Jul 2004

You've cleaned the lens and its not improved the situation, the spots/circles appear on your monitor screen and on the printed photo as well. The only thing I can think of is a faulty CCD.

I think that like a TFT monitor you can have faulty pixels with a camera, might be a good idea to pop into somewhere like Jessops photo store with the camera and a printed photo, they will be able to tell straight away. j.

  Gaz 25 02:07 10 Jul 2004

Regarding your pikki that it looks like...
They are ghostly orbs.

but as Djohn says check out Jessops first, if its not that - ghosts mate. :-o ahhah lol

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