Sporadic Firefox Problem 'Not Responding'

  ened 07:15 03 Jul 2013

Has anybody else had a problem with Firefox in the past few weeks?

It works fine for a while then, with no apparent cause, it becomes totally unresponsive.

Mostly it rectifies itself but this can take up to five minutes. Task Manager shows it as 'not responding'!

I have tried disabling Add-ons but it still happens.

I had been using it for at least a year and can recall no specific action which preceded this problem.

  ened 10:32 03 Jul 2013

Okay I've done that.

I now have a message stating that I do not have the latest version and do I want to upgrade?

The thing is that I am not convinced that it wasn't an upgrade that started this problem.

Has Version 22 proved to be stable?

  spuds 11:09 03 Jul 2013

A year or so ago I had a similar 'not responding' issue with Firefox. Not sure how I resolved the issue now, but I think that it might have had something to do with a Java or JavaScript download or upgrade.

Strange, but I have had the 'non-responding' once this week, so I am keeping an eye on things?.

  ened 13:10 03 Jul 2013

I've done a clean install of V.22 and it is now worse than ever before.

I liked using it but there is clearly some kind of unresolved issue. I have found plenty of people with the same problem by looking on Google. But no one seems to have a solution.

I guess I shall have to stop using it, which is a shame.

  spuds 13:45 03 Jul 2013

I have just checked and apparently I am using the latest version number 22.

All seems okay (so far), except the incident the other the other day, but it seems to have self-righted itself.

  ened 06:31 04 Jul 2013

I don't know what went wrong but I posted a reply yesterday and lost it. After that I was unable to post.

Following the majority of advice from various forums I tried disabling the add-ons before I opened this thread. It made no difference.

Apparently this is a common problem but nobody seems to have the answer.

I remember back in the mid-nineties my computer kept crashing when I was on the internet. We could find nothing obviously wrong then, years later, I discovered quite by chance that AOL and Freeserve were not compatible in the same machine.

I am wondering if something similar is happening here? The only argument against that is that I am using IE and Chrome(default) and was when Firefox was running properly!

  jerica 11:48 04 Jul 2013

The only time I seem to get Not Responding is when I try to log into Hotmail, sometimes it hangs and says not responding and then after about twenty seconds it loads. This has only happened since Outlook took over Hotmail.

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