sporadic boot-up problems on xp

  atlanticist 17:41 16 Apr 2008

Please help - I have a Fujitsu-Siemens XP SP2 PC, which has had problems in the past - the whole thing's been taken apart and put back together again.

Now, the thing often doesn't even start the boot process for about 30 mins. Sometimes, it's instananeous, sometimes it's forever - but it always eventually boots up.

When I press the on-button, the fan starts whirring away - just no evidence at all that the o/s is kicking in. It feels like a h/w problem somewhere, but I spent 2 hrs last night taking everything out, and putting them back in one by one. After adding the dvd-rom, cd-rom and a pci card, even then, it restarted straight away. I come back tonight though, and same problem !! Taking forever to boot.

Any suggestions ?


  GaT7 21:55 16 Apr 2008

Probably a long shot, but do you have anything USB connected to it?

If yes, what happens if you disconnect ALL USB devices including keyboard, mouse, external drive, flash drive, etc? G

  atlanticist 11:48 17 Apr 2008

Thanks for the response - just tried it again, and still no joy. The PC now consists of :

hdd in ide1,
graphics card connected to monitor
ethernet card in pci slot, but unplugged,
keyboard/mouse/cd-rom/dvd-rom/floppy all disconnected
no other pci cards on motherboard,
2 sticks of RAM
power in.

That's it, and the thing's still not booting up - it was working on Tues. Aargh !!!

Any other ideas as to what I can try ?

  GaT7 12:37 17 Apr 2008

Try connecting the HDD to IDE2 & see if it makes a difference.

Also try only one RAM module at a time. G

  Terry Brown 13:46 17 Apr 2008

A long shot, but you may have a tiny crack in the motherboard, which is sometimes OK, but other times needs the board to 'Warm up' (power on causes the connections to heat up and expand slightly)before it will start.

If that is the case the only solution is a new motherboard.

  GaT7 20:28 17 Apr 2008

I like the reasoning Terry Brown :-) - probably something my brother would've thought of too! G

  atlanticist 21:52 17 Apr 2008


Tried what you suggested - still no joy - reckon it's goosed, so just bought me one of these :

click here

Got some extra Kingston ram to run vista properly, and it arrives tomorrow.

One question though - will I be able to take the hdd out of my old PC and connect it to my new mobo to collect some old files etc or will there be a compatibility problem with the old hdd being xp and new pc being vista - will the boot-up on the new pc get all confused with what o/s it's trying to load up etc ?

I'm kind of hoping sticking an hdd onto a mobo is akin to sticking a mybook in through usb ?

Am I showing my ignorance here ?



  GaT7 22:03 17 Apr 2008

No, there won't be any problem if you connect the old hard disk to the new PC's motherboard & recover data from it.

If the new computer has a vacant slot + power + connectors you could have the old drive permanently in there as extra storage. Or, failing which, you could get a caddy & use it as an external drive to the same end. G

  atlanticist 22:15 17 Apr 2008

thanks v much for that.

  GaT7 22:26 17 Apr 2008

No problem. Hope it all goes to plan & you like the new PC (& Vista) :-), G

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