k_g2000 22:01 02 Jan 2004

Hi guys
On the last few times on booting up my machine I have been connected automaticly to my internet connection and zonealarm alert hes prompted me for permission for this application(spoolsvv.exe) to access the internet. I wonder if anyone could tell me what this application is and why it has suddenly appeared as I have made no changes to my current set up. I have run norton, adaware and spybot search and destroy and my machine is clean as a whistle so I'm hoping this is not a virus.
Thanks for any input.

  muppetmark 22:11 02 Jan 2004

click here looks like a trojan/virus :-(

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:18 02 Jan 2004

According to this it is part of windows and i have it onmine as well (XP) click here

  muppetmark 22:24 02 Jan 2004

spoolsv.exe= yes, spoolsvv.exe= no

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:26 02 Jan 2004

Your spot on muppetmark my mistake spelling is not my forte sorry.


  k_g2000 22:29 02 Jan 2004

Thanks for the input guys
muppetmark your right spoolsv.exe is part of windows xp, spoolsvv.exe I'm not so sure, I've terminated it from my processes as it was using a considerable amount of mem. currently downloading hijackthis
Thanks again guys

  muppetmark 22:31 02 Jan 2004

The log won't post very well here but you could try
click here as well as computer cops

  k_g2000 22:38 02 Jan 2004

Thanks muppetmark
Here's the path of spoolsvv

Any ideas, is it good or bad??

Worth deleting?

  k_g2000 23:45 02 Jan 2004

Hi guys, got more problems
Just registered for a forum, and when sent a confirmation email I was told that my email was allready in use. Also with the given password and login name I can't login. Even when requesting a new password. I am told with the email that A Web user from has just requested a Confirmation Code to change the password.
This is not my ip addreess!!!

  muppetmark 08:15 03 Jan 2004

Over at t'other place there are a couple of more things you need to clear.

click here for details of the Ip addy you have listed

  k_g2000 19:15 04 Jan 2004

Thanks for all the help muppetmark.
The links you provided gave me the info required to fix the problem.
Spoolsvv.exe is certainly a trojan and have have now got rid.
I think the ip add. maybe the mailing server or similar which my isp uses. I think maybe the forum I was tring to register at was having problems so I have emailed the forum admin. and am waiting for a reply. I think paraniod may be an appropiate term(it was late).

Anyway thanks again.

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