Spoolsv.exe eating my CPU

  caninecashew 19:08 10 May 2005

Whenever I print a larg(ish) job to my Epson 1290 I get a massive overload on the CPU by the print spooler spoolsv.exe.
This prevents other use of the PC and as a consequence the printer is not printing the job anyway.
I have read a bit on the net about this and there is no other jobs waiting to spool on any other printer. There are no files in the windows/system32/spool section. Ihave re-installed the drivers and rebooted the machine.
I can get rid of the spool but as soon as I try to print again the same thing happens.
Am getting kind of despearate now!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:28 10 May 2005

'I had this problem on one of our computers. As it turns out, there were print jobs waiting - not on our installed printer - but on Microsoft Image Writer. These print jobs were terminated and all is back to normal.The files in the print queue are under your Microsoft office document printer. Basically, go to Control Panel>Printers&Faxes and it should be there (Image writer). Then right click, go Cancel all documents, and then go into sharing and make sure that sharing is not enabled. '...don't know if this will work but it sems to have sorted quite a few people out.

You appear to have done this but go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services and stop the Print Spooler. Turn off the printer. Now go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS and delete the files there. I found '00020.SHD' and '00020.SPL'. Now turn your printer back on and restart the service. Check task manager, spoolsv.exe should be at 00%.


  caninecashew 19:32 10 May 2005

Thanks Gandalf but I don't have the Microsoft Image Writer printer in tmy printers list. I do have my 2 other printers (a Brother and a PDF writer).
Neither of which have any jobs pending.
yes I have done your last suggestion in order to clear the print spool but it just keeps doing it again and again.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:54 10 May 2005

Have you tried deleting the other 2 printers?


  caninecashew 20:06 10 May 2005

Not Yet - I was kind of hoping to avoid that if poss as the Brother is notoriously difficult to get set correctly. Any reasoning behind deleting them?

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