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  Bald Eagle 11:44 13 Jan 2003
  Bald Eagle 11:44 13 Jan 2003

I downloaded 4 car routes from the AA site. The first one printed and 3 were queued when an error was thrown up. Sorry didn't copy the wording! Basically it wouldn't let me continue with the job in hand. When I went to close the spool manager it saved the 3 outstanding jobs, apparently to C\WINDOWS\TEMP. However, on restarting my computer this directory was empty. Have I lost them, or are they really somewhere else? I run 98SE with an Epson Stylus colour 300 printer. I know I can download again but any info will be useful the next time it happens (and it will).

  Gongoozler 11:59 13 Jan 2003

Bald Eagle, well written software will clear the TEMP folder when it is shut down, and this appears to be what has happened. It is possible that the downloaded information has been saved in the Temporary Internet Files folder.

If the files download to the TEMP folder, it may be possible for you to create a folder to copy them to in future. It's worth experimenting with. Something that could also be worth checking is that the destination folder was C:\WINDOWS\TEMP, and not C:\TEMP, or another TEMP folder.

  Bald Eagle 16:54 13 Jan 2003

Thanks Gongoozler if I don't get dragged to the pub tonight I shall have a play at your suggestions. Many thanks.

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