spool 32 error windows me

  logix 11:09 22 Apr 2003

every now and then i get an error saying spool 32 error.
what is this,and how can i stop this error from popping up

  MAJ 11:24 22 Apr 2003

This might help explain Spool errors for you, logix. click here

  citadel 18:59 22 Apr 2003

I sometimes get this error. It is caused by my epsom printer, it happens on boot up and the printer icon does not appear in the tool bar. I shut down and re-boot, this resolves the problem. If I do not re-boot it freezes my computer. I could not find any driver updates on epsom website.

  vinnyo123 17:47 25 Apr 2003

I had tghe same problem with an hp printer and win me ,I just turned off spooling (queue) and print directly to printer -unless you need spooling if it is a shared printer on a lan with alot of print jobs....

  old fiddle 11:44 23 Aug 2003

I have had the same problem for yonks, I was told it was my Lexmark software, bought an Epson, same problem.Had all drivers uninstalled,latest downloads installed,chap printed off from every conceivable "print", next day Iwas back to spool 32 and having to reboot.Did you ever sort your problem?

  old fiddle 12:00 23 Aug 2003

Please explain how do I turn off spooling as you did.

  krypt1c 12:09 23 Aug 2003

old fiddle
It will be in your printer properties somewhere. Depends on your printer. Go into settings > printers, then right click on your printer and select properties. Just root through the options

  old fiddle 12:16 24 Aug 2003

Kryptic did as you said, in properties found seven tabs,General,Details, Color Management,,Main,Paper,Layout and Utility. Looked
at each could not discern anything that related to spooling.

  old fiddle 12:23 24 Aug 2003

Had another go found it ,clicked direct to printer
will have to wait ans see if it worked.

  old fiddle 11:20 25 Aug 2003

I thought you might be interested in the result of your suggestion.Tried to print direct nothing happened except that my PC froze and I had to reboot.

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