Spoofstick software?

  Daibus 11:17 11 Jan 2005

I've just been reading about "Spoofstick" software which adds a Toolbar to your Browser and confirms if you are logged on to a genuine site or not.

I was wondering if there are any opinions on this software(which can be installed with IE or Firefox) and is it a worth while and safe download to have?


  vinnyT 11:51 11 Jan 2005

Just did a search on google for Spoofstick, and nothing untowards came up (though I only glanced at the 1st 2 pages).

Many good sources offering reviews/downloads, so would appear to be kosher.

Why not ask on the firefox forums as well.

You will have to make your own mind up about weather or not to dload/install.

  Chris the Ancient 11:51 11 Jan 2005

Being bold and venturesome, I've downloaded it.

Some referred to sites suggest that the font size is a little on the large size in the toolbar; but at the moment, I'm living with it!

I shall come back if it causes more/less problems. However, it does make a nice reminder of where you are and where you're looking!

  Daibus 12:20 11 Jan 2005

Thank you guys for your comments.

Now downloaded and agree that the font size is a little large but as you say, it does give a very nice reminder of where you're at and of course, hopefully, it will catch any dodgy sites.

We'll see how it goes.

  iambeavis 14:31 11 Jan 2005

I've been using it for a couple of months now with no problem. The font can be configured for size and colour.

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