Spoof emails requesting your details

  f1fan 21:22 25 Nov 2004

Not a question, just offering advise. I have recently received emails claiming to be from paypal and ebay claiming my account has been used fraudulently or accessed by a foreign IP address and contain a link to change my details.
Please – Please don’t enter any details via this kind of email.
These emails are not from the web-sites they claim to be from.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:25 25 Nov 2004

Good advice and worthy of attention again. All too often people are susceptible to these requests and are more trusting of email than other means of communication.

  Kinetic 22:05 25 Nov 2004

The e-mails look official but the spelling is atrocious. Also the to line is blank. I changed all my passwords after receiving one of these e-mails. Then reported the web site to Pay Pal. Responce from Pay Pal was that the site was bogus and was under investigation.

  pj123 23:34 25 Nov 2004

Just forward the email (without opening it) to [email protected]

They will email you back saying it did not originate from them and they will investigate and close down the site that originated it.

Whether they do that or not I do not know.

I get around 2 or three of these a day but as I do not have an account with ebay or paypal they are obviously scams.

Once you have forwarded them to ebay, delete them.

  stalion 23:38 25 Nov 2004

Once you have forwarded them to ebay, delete them.
and what if they contain a virus?

  pj123 00:02 26 Nov 2004

stalion, I understand what you are saying but I have never known them to contain a virus yet. They are just trying to get your details. You shouldn't get a virus if you have a good antivirus programme running (AVG?) anyway. Plus, of course, you should also have a firewall running as well.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:21 26 Nov 2004

Surely ebay will have a good virus defence? with all the mail they must recieve....TT

  f1fan 15:08 26 Nov 2004

Thanks for the response everyone. Other good advise, on the same subject, is if you are going to enter your details, always type in the "known" web-site address into your address line yourself or use a link in YOUR favourite list, again one that is known to be correct.

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