Splitting a pdf file

  Mr. Chips 17:05 21 Jun 2010

I have an Access application which prints out a single file of 100 invoices.
In the past I have printed and posted them.

I now hope to attach them to emails.

Is there any way of taking the produced pdf file of 100 pages and producing 100 separate files, each with a unique file name (including the customer number)?

Tall order perhaps ... any ideas

  Taff™ 17:36 21 Jun 2010

You could take the 100 page PDF and manually print each page individually to another PDF file naming them yourself and then attach them to your e-mails. (You might use one of either CutePDF or PrimoPDF - both free versions)

This would work however I suggest you look at the Access program and look to print 100 individual invoices straight to PDF so tell us more about it!

  woodchip 18:18 21 Jun 2010

this could be considered as spaming by your isp

  Mr. Chips 20:27 21 Jun 2010

Quote I suggest you look at the Access program and look to print 100 individual invoices straight to PDF so tell us more about it! unqoute

The Access application currently produces a report which I then print off to a single pdf file.

Ideally, this access report would automatically provide 100 pdf files into a chosen file directory with unique file names.
I could then pick up the files with MapiLab and attach them to my emails.

I would need VBA for this, I am sure ... but hope there may be some application that can do it for me ... 'cos I sure can't write the VBA needed, I am afraid.

I regularly send out 250 emails with attachments and so far have not had a 'spamming' issue.

Any ideas please?

  Taff™ 21:04 21 Jun 2010

I think you`re on the right lines. The Mpilab Mailmerge toolkit looks like it could deliver the final personalised e-mails but I don`t know if it can be set to pick up the files automatically in sequence.

One step at a time though. Find out if the Access application can produce the PDF invoices individually first and then see if the Mapi plug in can pick them up.

Alternatively can the Access application mail merge the invoices direct to the recipients via Outlook as a complete e-invoice document in itself. The latter is used by many companies and the e-mail prints out as a perfect one page A4 invoice. It should be able to do this quite easily because this can be achieved by Excel. (We may be overcomplicating the process)

Incidentally woodchip, whilst I take your point about domestic ISP`s and spamming, we all know that a business ISP is different and even if it`s domestic ISP you`d split the sending into batches of 30 at a time anyway.

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