Splitting folders

  NickyK 21:25 03 Sep 2005

I've inadvertantly ended up with a huge folder of photos. I wonder if anyone knows of a program that can split it easily for me without my having to hilight and move or cut and paste? I did look through the archives here, and I think there has been a suitable program on PC Advisor cover-discs in the past, but I can't find it.

  NickyK 21:30 03 Sep 2005

I shnould have said that I use WIndows XP with the 2 service pack

  wee eddie 13:55 04 Sep 2005

Which will add up to a lot less time than it takes you to load new software.

After all, you can highlight as many of the files as you wish by placing the cursor at the beginning of your selection > pressing the Arrow Key at the left of your keyboard > Left Clicking and placing the cursor at the right end of your selection.

  Skills 13:57 04 Sep 2005

Or if the pics you wish to move aren't next to each other hold down ctrl as you selected them and you can grab pics from anywhere in the folder

  Diemmess 17:42 04 Sep 2005

Download Picasa click here a brilliant picture manager which will show thumbnails of everything on your computer, allow you to see them larger and do all the helpful things like rename, move, delete, print, -- the lot

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