Splitting a broadband connection between two p.c's

  [email protected] 23:32 26 Nov 2003

I have recently got a broadband connection in my house, and i want to share the connection between two computers. the modem is a cable modem with a co-ax like wire coing into it and a usb connection to the computer. the only thing is the other p.c is on the second floor of my house about 15 meters from the downstairs braodband modem. I have tried a network card in each computer and conneting them with a cat 5 cable but the computer upstairs (a hp pavillions) does not have the necessary WOL plug on the motherboard to use a network card, my downstairs p.c (a home made one) however does.

can anyone suggest an easy to run system that will let both computers access to the broadband modem but being a student i only have a meger budjet to spend.

any help would be much appriciated

richard rayment

  Forum Editor 23:40 26 Nov 2003

WOL (Wake ON LAN) comes into this - all you need in the HP Pavilion is a spare PCI slot for a Network Interface Card. Connect the two machines with Ethernet cable and run the Internet connection sharing wizard. There should be no problems, but you'll need to leave the Internet-connected machine running whenever you use the second machine.

  billyliv 00:20 27 Nov 2003

Hi, You say your modem is a cable modem, so we can assume you have cable broadband, ie. NTL.
If you are on NTL broadband are you sure that your modem doesn't have an 'Ethernet connection'.
Post back quickly. cheers, Bill

  DieSse 00:22 27 Nov 2003

Also note that the lan cable need to be wired as a "crossover" cable when connecting directly from one system to another.

  Qmar 05:01 27 Nov 2003

see this thread ref-DieSse Mon, 25.08.03 22:45

click here

  [email protected] 11:42 27 Nov 2003

1. yes the modem does have an ethernet connection.

2. i have already got a pci network card in each p.c with cat 5 cble between the two, but because of the manufacturer (it is a belkin ) the instruction manual says I need to connect my pci card to a wol plug on the mother board. however only one pc has a wol plug on the motherboard. as im running xp on both machines the cards are detected however the network settings panel tells me a cable is disconnected however it only does this on my p.c on the other it tells me there are two netwroks running but both of them are using the same card (i think) as the other compter is not connected to the outside world in any way (i.e phoneline internet). the cat 5 cables are secured into both cards and I can push them in any harder and the wire isn't split or broken along it's length. the first p.c (downstairs) seems to show a working network running at the correct speed and from the correct card. however once i have tryed to use the netwrok install disk on the other p.c, it tells me to double click on net set up on the disk, which i do, then it opens the other computers network settings. once i have gone through all the options and named the computer ect. it then tells me to double click on the netsettings on the disk again, i seem to be getting no where

3. I have tryed to connect the computer upsatirs straight to the broadband modem but that hasn't worked either and the same "wire disconnected" message is shown

  Rogerfredo 18:21 27 Nov 2003

If you can spend about £40 on a Belkin Router, all your problems will be solved.
Just plug the cable modem into the router, and a cat5 cable to each machine. The router will "share" your internet connection.

  DieSse 21:47 27 Nov 2003

The cable you need to connect the system upstairs to the modem (a "straight-through cable") is different to that required to connect two systems together directly (a "cross-over cable"). So the same cable cannot work for both these jobs.

If your modem has an ethernet port you can connect both systems to a hub or a switch (a switch is better/faster), then plug the modem into the hub or switch. This is the ideal, as either system will be able to connect to the net without the other being switched on 8make sure the hub and modem are on tho', of coures). All the cables in this configuration are "straight-through".

You do not need to connect the WOL (Wake On LAN) cable - ti will not affect things at all - it's only purpose is to allow one system to start the other one remotely - which is not necessary in your set-up. Just ignore the WOL thing.

You will need to configure your net connection correctly for them both to work, of course, and your ISP should be able to advise you how.

  DAG88 22:03 27 Nov 2003

if you are using blueyonder you will need to register your MAC address with them, by either phoning them up or going onto thier website and changing your account details, before you can start using the ethernet output on your Modem

To find out your MAC address open up command prompt and type "IPconfig/all"

The physical address is what you need (just another name for MAC address)

I dont know if this is the same situation with NTL. They are both cable so it may be just give them a ring to find out

  Strawballs 01:00 28 Nov 2003

I am running two win98se machines with the BB conected to one with USB (gateway machine) and the 2 are connected via a hub and pci network cards with ICS(internet connection shareing) enabled on the gateway machine works fine the only thing is the gateway has to be switched on for the other machine to be connected.

  Qmar 05:45 29 Nov 2003

also- usb blue-tooth devices of c.a. 50£ are available-I forget the brand..

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