Splitting audio file into seperate tracks

  Eargasm 19:46 01 Nov 2005

Hi all
I should know how to do this as i have done it before, but can't remember how i did it.

I have copied a LP to cassette and transfered it to my hard drive using Audacity.The file is a wav lasting 42 minutes, can anyone tell me how to split it into the 12 seperate tracks it contains?
I have Audiograbber and dbpoweramp installed on my pc,and as i say i have actually done it in the past can anyone jog my memory.

  ade.h 21:41 01 Nov 2005

You can cut and paste selections in Audacity, but I'm not sure of the finer points. I only started using it recently.

  Tim1964 21:45 01 Nov 2005

Highlight the section of track that you want, using the 'selection tool' (looks like a capital I). Select Edit>Copy>'Save as' and title the single track. Do this for all the tracks. You will still have the original as long as you choose 'copy' and not 'cut'

Good luck.

  Eargasm 22:44 01 Nov 2005

Thanks guys
I have just managed it using Audacity, a bit long winded, selecting various tracks by the length of them, highlighting and then exporting the selection.
I'm sure in the past i have used software that has split it automatically, still i'll tick resolved thanks again.

  Tim1964 19:03 02 Nov 2005

There is a setting in dbPoweramp that 'looks' for silence inbetween the tracks.
The length of the gap can be adjusted. This doesn't help if the tracks fade in/out to each other or if the track actually has a quiet bit in it.

  dangerusone 21:47 02 Nov 2005

is a nice little program which opens everything I have asked it to.Download it at Newfreeware.com

  greenlamp 22:53 02 Nov 2005

LP Ripper is very good for splitting tracks. click here

  pj123 23:37 02 Nov 2005

Agree with greenlamp. I have LP Recorder and LP Ripper.

  Eargasm 22:51 18 Nov 2005

Thanks greenlamp for jogging the memory, it was LP Ripper that i used in the past.

  Jaro 23:16 18 Nov 2005


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