Split 1 screen between 2 computers

  wssst 16:42 05 Oct 2014


I would like to split one screen between two computers.

for exemple I would like to use the right side of the screen for PC-1, and the left side for PC-2. Both PCs running at the same time.

Do you think it's possible ?

  Woolwell 17:21 05 Oct 2014

One at a time, together at the same time with split screen is highly doubtful. I've never seen that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:21 05 Oct 2014

Do you think it's possible ?

No, but I'm willing to be proved wrong by anyone who knows better.

  wssst 17:51 05 Oct 2014

I emailed TFTcentral, I will tell you if they have a solution

  wssst 07:34 07 Oct 2014

The only way you could do something like that would be with a monitor with picture by picture support. You'd then need the necessary input connection options on the monitor to support your graphics card outputs. I expect HDMI would be a common option on PbP supporting screens. Obviously the resolution output of each half of the screen would be limited. Maybe on something like the LG 34UM95 that would be reasonably usable as well as it's got s nice wide resolution.

Hope that helps

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  spuds 08:28 07 Oct 2014

CCTV monitors work on a split screen principle.

Perhaps making enquiries in that direction might bring further advice or information?.

  alanrwood 08:41 07 Oct 2014

CCTV ones work that way because the signals are combined and processed into that form before being sent to the monitor. What the OP wants is just not possible without some form of electronic combining and processing of the signals before being sent to the monitor. Frankly that would cost more than a second monitor.

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