Splash screen removal?

  spanneress 18:19 22 Apr 2004


My customer wants me to remove a maufacturer splash screen that pops up at the start of booting up..not done this before.

Advise please folks.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:33 22 Apr 2004

Go to start-run-and type masconfig. Then go to BOOT.INI and put a check in /NOGUIBOOT then apply. Reverse to get the old screen back.


  spanneress 18:57 22 Apr 2004

just popped msconfig onto the 2k platform (as it is not present) and for some odd reason the boot.ini tab is missing yet here on my 2k laptop which has the same app..curiouser and curioser...

Also, the noguiboot option is not present..is this right on 2K?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:04 22 Apr 2004

Sorry, didn't realise that you were using 2000. have a trawl through here........click here


  spanneress 19:12 22 Apr 2004

Cheers Gandalf, but it is the manufacturer spash screen she wants removing e.g 'Compaq' as opposed to the 2k start up screen...

Still trying to figure out why boot.ini is missing from her machine...any idea's..think i may copy and hack one....

  Taran 19:24 22 Apr 2004

The manufacturers logo is normally written as part if the BIOS, which is burned into hardware memory on the motherboard.

Some motherboards support altering the splash screen, but most computers manufactured by the big names are not of this type, for obvious reasons.

The big names want you to know hwo built the system you're sitting in front of, and they also want you to keep your hands out of anything thath you could break, like the motherboard BIOS, for example...

Those boards that support BIOS editing may have a developers utility available as a download from the manufacturers website. This allows people to write their own modifications to boot images and so on. Most such utilites are paid for though, since most users of this sort of software are either large scale PC manufacturers who want to use their own logo images, or some large academic institutions also get this kind of software to 'brand' their PCs.

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