Spilt juice on laptop :(

  Silverworm 04:24 27 Mar 2010

My laptop is a Dell Studio 1555.

A few days ago, I spilt orange juice all over the keyboard. I turned it off straight away, took out the battery and left it to dry. I also removed the keyboard to clean with water, and then dried and replaced it. I tried to turn it on about 10 hours later but nothing happened when I pushed the power button. However, I tried again the next day and it turned on, but the keyboard didn't work. I'm hoping that this can be fixed by just replacing the keyboard, but is there a chance that a problem with the connections is causing this?

Another problem I have found is that the laptop will not boot up if the battery is in. At the loading bar, it reaches around 3 quarters, and then stops. The laptop boots up fine if the battery is removed and it is powered by just the mains. I have tried using another battery, but the same thing happened, so the problem is not with the battery itself. Just now, I inserted the battery with the laptop already booted, and it worked fine, recognising and charging the battery. I then removed the power cable, and it carried on working. Anyone have any idea what the problem could be, and whether it will be easy to fix?

I have not found any other problems so far...

  peugeot man 07:25 27 Mar 2010

I think you will be lucky if the Laptop ever works properly again. It is likely that some of the juice found its way to the motherboard and connectors. The sugars in the juice will be corrosive and cause problems.

If you can I would suggest you consider claiming on your household insurance.

  mooly 07:26 27 Mar 2010

I have seen and worked on countless liquid damaged electronic items.

The bad news is, it's almost certainly going to be scrap. A reaction occurs between any voltage and liquid/sugary deposits etc that eats into the PCB and components. This continues long after it has "dried" out.
If the damage is confined totally to the keyboard you have a chance... if not :(

Which new laptop did you buy?

  Silverworm 13:59 27 Mar 2010

Thanks for the replies. Luckily I have accident cover for it but it has a £50 excess. I have not claimed yet because I thought that it would cost less than that to fix. Looks like I'm wrong. I bought the laptop for £500 last august. Is it likely that it will get repaired or replaced?

  Silverworm 23:18 27 Mar 2010

Just called them and put a claim in. I'm hoping it's going to cost a lot to fix so I get new laptop now :)

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