Spilt ink!

  algernonymous 16:30 22 Jul 2004

I've got an old printer I need to clean up as the black ink has leaked inside it. What's the recommended cleaning solution to use- soapy water, white spirit, ???

  €dstowe 16:49 22 Jul 2004

Inkjet ink is water based so, use water with possibly a bit of washing up liquid added to clean up spillages.

  algernonymous 17:04 22 Jul 2004

Thanks for your prompt response €dstowe, I'll get to it.

  spuds 19:14 22 Jul 2004

Use rubber gloves and plenty of tissues, and make sure the printer is standing on a easy clean surface or plenty of paper. Cartridge ink especially mixed with water can be very messy at the worst possible times.

  Dorsai 19:34 22 Jul 2004

All the above is worth paying attention to, but i would only bother trying to clean the guts of it, if it is making a mess of the printing, or a mess on the desk. My last printer (found in a skip, gave 4 years of faithful service, till the paper feed motor kicked the bucket) was almost rainbow hued inside from leaking ink while it got rained on in the skip. Worked OK though.

  algernonymous 21:33 22 Jul 2004

Many thanks all, wise advice about the rubber gloves spud, how many days does it take to wear off the skin?!!

  spuds 23:40 22 Jul 2004

Many ;o)

  woodchip 23:47 22 Jul 2004

And take it outside I do not envy you I would sooner go buy a cheap printer than clean up ink

  Wak 15:08 23 Jul 2004

It'll wash off naturally in a couple of days but a touch of lemon juice (or very, very diluted bleach) will speed things up.
Go steady with the bleach!!!

  algernonymous 11:56 24 Jul 2004

Thanks again everyone. All done. I only wanted to make it look respectable so I can sell it. Oh, and a couple of days doing the washing-up has sorted my hands!

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