Spilt Beer on Acer Laptop

  Re-staw 16:48 22 Mar 2009

Hi, after having my Acer Aspire 3660 for 3 Years i have finally managed to do some serious damage to it.

I stupidly knocked a beer over and some of it went onto the laptop built-in speaker (near the power button)

It was about a tablespoon of beer so after wiping most of it away i thought it would be fine so i used it for another half an hour before switching it off.

About 30 hours later i turn it on and the screen is so faint its almost completely black. If i shine a light onto it i can see it clear enough to make out the error message.

"Unfortunately Windows was unable to successfully boot, this could be caused by a hardware or software issue"

Sometimes it will boot and sometimes i get that message however the screen is so dark its unusable.

I currently have it upside down with a fan on it and has been like that all day but i cant imagine its doing anything by this point.

Any feedback is appreciated, thank you.

  Diemmess 17:13 22 Mar 2009

Go easy with the fan if it is heated air.
I've no idea of the construction of your keyboard, but a week in an airing cupboard might not be long enough depeding on how close plastic laminations are to one another.

I have a horrid feeling that you may already have done some irreversible electrolytic damage.

I suggest;

Remove the battery and disconnect from the mains.
Discover how to remove the keyboard and dismantle as much as you can.

If there's anything that can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth so much the better. Then when you are satisfied it is as clean as you can get it leave somewhere like an airing cupboard for as long as you can and a bit more for luck before reassembly and an offerring to the patron saint of computers whoever that my be!

  Re-staw 17:28 22 Mar 2009

Hi Diemmess, thanks for your reply.

I totally agree that the damage is probably irreversible as the screen is effected too much by such a small spillage.

The fan is cool and the power supply along with the battery have been disconnected from it.

I wont bother dismantling the keyboard because i have no experience with it and will probably do more damage.

being at college full time doesnt give the advantage of having much money, how much do you think im looking at for repairs?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:31 22 Mar 2009

I would save a lot of faffing about and claim on your household insurance which should cover you against accidents.


  Diemmess 17:58 22 Mar 2009

Don't put yourself down before you have looked at this and several other links.

click here

If your house insurance covers accidental damage to contents well and good, but these days of cheese paring that is an option which may not have been accepted

Best of luck

  Diemmess 18:15 22 Mar 2009

You have done everything you could except make it clean and hopefully dry some more.

Like most electronic gizmos these days tiny changes in voltages can produce enormous effects.
the dim screen could be a partial loss of signal from the graphics section, and that may correct itself when dry.

As for cost to have it repaired?

Labour will be heavy plus the cost of any ruined component.

An out-of-warranty Vaio of a granddaughter was £100 to replace the power socket broken by tripping over the mains powered lead.
It included a replacement power supply, and IMO "they broke that!"

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