Spiking sound during game play

  You Splitter 22:01 18 Jul 2005

I dont have any problem with sound when playing music files, watching DVD's, listening to CD's etc. However I tend to find spiking and squealing and banging noises suddenly start when playing certain games, especially more high performance ones.

I have a SB Audigy 2 sound card and as far as I can tell the most up to date drivers. I have checked that there is no device conflict. Thats about as far as my knowledge goes Im afraid. I have noticed that this effect starts when there appears to be a change in CPU pitch and the fan kicks in or slows down. Is there any chance that this could be tempertaure related??


  ACOLYTE 22:58 18 Jul 2005

Sounds like it may be an earthing issue with the fan/sound card but i am no electrician so i cannot say for sure.

  Forum Editor 23:27 18 Jul 2005

that the sound is coming from your speakers? If it is, you may be overdriving them, and you could try reducing the volume. If the sounds are still present the fault may lie in the sound card.

If the sound is coming from inside the computer it may well be temperature-related. Modern games are very demanding in terms of CPU and graphic card performance, and most graphics cards will heat up considerably during bouts of intensive game-play. The cards are designed to clear this heat away rapidly with onboard fans, but additional cooling in the form of extra case fans is desirable, particularly if the room's ambient temperature is high during hot weather spells. The CPU's fan note will rise and fall as the BIOS attempts to manage the CPU core temperature, and that's normal.

Having said that, you shouldn't get banging and squealing sounds, and you might try removing the computer's side panel during a gaming session, to see if you can pinpoint the source of the sound.

A new CPU fan is a lot cheaper than a new CPU. Did you fit the existing fan, or was it supplied with the computer? How old is the machine?

  You Splitter 15:44 19 Jul 2005

Yes the sound comes from the speakers. I have tried reducing the volume and also re-connected them to check they are wired correctly; which they are. I have tried using headphones only and get the same problem which I suggests to me that I can eliminate the speakers themselves as the cause of my problem.

The sound does not come from the PC itself but it does seem to coincide with the change in fan pitch as you mentioned. Last night I had my first delve into BIOS (I am starting to get the hang of this computer lark) and changed the onboard sound setting from AUTO to DISABLED. This hasn't helped either.

The PC is about 1 year old. Unfortunately I have not had the confidence so far to build one myself and so it was bought OEM and is an HP Pavillion 385 media PC. The CPU is an INTEL 4 so its not exaclty an 'old' machine.

I will try removing the cover and see what happens.


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