SpellCheck in Opera!

  TonyV 14:28 07 Feb 2006

I have just downloaded and installed Opera 9 and wondered how to get a Spell Checker working. The Opera site points me to a site that will allow an English dictionary and Aspell to be downloaded. Having got these files how on earth do I install them? I've looked in the Zip file and can see no way to click on an install/setup/or any other file that might help. The details for installation are so sparse that I cannot understand what the site is talking about. (referring to C++ etc!!!)

Any one any ideas as to how I can install the dictionary in to Opera? Or do I say "Stap me!" and go back to IE and IESpell which works extremely well.



  JWJH 15:02 07 Feb 2006

click here for full .exe installer.

  TonyV 15:12 07 Feb 2006

Thanks for that. I'll give it a whirl!


  TonyV 16:56 07 Feb 2006

I've managed to install it, but it then says create the Word list. Since there are no setup instructions, how does one do that? It is working to a degree, but there seems no way of altering the Dictionary element. i.e. I accidentally clicked Learn and now it has a mis-spelt word in the Dictionary!



  dms05 17:46 07 Feb 2006

I use Aspell with Opera. click here gives you details of how to install - first the exe file then secondly the wordlist.

Mine were Aspell-0-50-3-3-Setup.exe for the Aspell installation then you load the wordlist Aspell-en-0-50-2-3.exe and have a fully functional spellchecker that learns new words as you go along.

  TonyV 18:45 07 Feb 2006

Yes I did that as well, but can see no way that the "Learnt" words can be deleted. There is no way, as I see it, to modify your dictionary! So, if you inadvertently click the "Learnt" button for a mis-spelt word, it is now in the Dictionary and will be used as a check word against other mis-spellings! Not a good idea!!



  octal 19:04 07 Feb 2006

I'm not sure of the mechanics of the Windows version of Opera, but in the Linux version my personal dictionary is in a file located in /home/<My Profile>/.aspell.en.pws so try doing a search and see if you have a file called aspell.en.pws

  TonyV 19:28 07 Feb 2006

I've done as you suggest to see if there is such a file, but came up with a lemon! I've uninstalled Opera and its' spellcheck, and took all reference to Aspell from the machine, but as soon as I re-installed Opera and Aspell the rogue word came up as being correct! I don't know what to do now!


  octal 19:42 07 Feb 2006

I think what's probably happening is that when you un-install Aspell its not actually remove itself fully, a lot of programs leave files behind even when you un-install. Try un-installing again and do a search for aspell.* or aspell*.* and see what its left behind, you might find one of those could be your personal dictionary, don't forget it might be a hidden file so you will have to unhide them first.

  TonyV 19:47 07 Feb 2006

I've just done another search with *.pws and this came up with a file en.pws. I deleted that one and you are absolutely right, it was the Personal Dictionary and the rogue word has now gone! It still leaves the problem of inadvertently clicking on the "Learn" button and not being able to get access to that file to delete just a particular word!

Actually, that is not quite true, whilst writing this missive, I broke off to see if there was a way of editing that en.pws file and the answer is to open it in Notepad, delete the rogue word then save it as the same file to the same directory that I got it from. Lo and behold, the rogue word had vanished again!!

I'll tick this now.

Many thanks


  Mr Mistoffelees 19:48 07 Feb 2006

Might I ask, where did you find Opera 9?

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