Spell Checker on Firefox and Thunderbird

  Bakerdave 15:13 08 Oct 2008

Has any one else had a problem with their spell checker on the updated Thunderbird version (20080914)

My previous spell checker is now missing. I have downloaded the one from the Mozilla site and when I try to load it, it says it is not compatable with the latest version. I got no reply on the Mozilla Forum, but I be PC Advisor's Guys do better!!

  Halmer 15:44 08 Oct 2008

and it's fine i.e. it underlines in red if I err.

  Halmer 15:44 08 Oct 2008

with the first word!

  Belatucadrus 16:13 08 Oct 2008

Run Add-ons updater, it will fix it.

  anniesboy 16:35 08 Oct 2008

Your post prompted me to check my recently installed Tbird ,it was set to US dictionary.
I successfully installed British dictionary from within Tbird by Tools>Options>composition>download more dictionaries.
It may work for you?

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