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  Stuartli 16:25 22 Oct 2009

I'm about to install SpeedyFox, claimed to speed up Firefox through optimising the databases.

I already use Finetune Firefox, but this is a different type of utility, so I'm wondering if there's anyone who uses SpeedyFox who can provide some indication of its efficiency?

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  Stuartli 16:37 22 Oct 2009

Well it's installed and FF does seem a little bit quicker. Opening seems faster although this would best be tested from boot up.

  Newuser2 17:27 22 Oct 2009

It works for me FF opens and loads up much faster.
Thanks Stuartli

  Technotiger 17:37 22 Oct 2009

Thanks - just installed Speedy, definitely quicker opening sites/pages.

Cheers TT.

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